“That’s Not Real Music”: Problematizing the Resistance to Hip-Hop in Music Education

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Abstract: In this article, I seek to critically interrogate the field of music education’s hesitance to engage with hip-hop’s inclusion in music studies. I begin by briefly summarizing the pedagogical potential of hip-hop and then consider why much of the field­ still continues to express hesitance toward engaging with the genre and the scholarship surrounding it. To begin to answer this question, I mobilize a personal experience in a teacher education program in order to exemplify how the act of racial shaming, among myriad other forces, perpetuates a bias against music such as hip-hop and pedagogy of Whiteness in music education. To conclude, I draw theoretical and pedagogical implications for teachers and teacher educators engaged in combating a pedagogy rooted in White conceptions of art and education.

Author: Noah Karvelis – Phoenix Public Schools, Phoenix, AZ, USA. 
Published 06/29/2018.

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