The ‘Teacherly’ Self of Music Teachers

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ABSTRACT: Dramaturgy, a specialization of microsociology (the study of face-to-face interactions) describes the social action of the Self impression presented to a public. The ‘teacherly’ Self, is engaged, in “social actions” with different “publics,” each of which calls for a somewhat different “role” governing relevant impressions given. Students in schools are the main public, but so are the professional impressions gained by their parents, colleagues, and administrators. Surveyed here are a range of generalized teacherly roles music teachers “script” (or accept) for their teaching praxis: for example, recipe and delivery teaching of “what works” and “best practices,” Pied Pipers, lead and push teachers, teachers as coaches (not maestros), praxicalists, and more. This application of dramaturgy to music education critiques some common ‘scripts’ as neither in the best interest of students nor of music in the lives of graduates and describes easily understood models for pre- and in-service teachers.

Author: Thomas A. Regelski

Published 4/11/2021

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